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Extraordinary Minister

Extraordinary Minister Mary Mother of God Catholic Church Harrison Arkansas

Extraordinary ministers of Holy communion assist priests and deacons with distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to the assembly of faithful.

Extraordinary ministers approach the altar after the priest celebrant has received the sacrament. The priest then will present the sacrament to extraordinary ministers. After receiving the Body and Blood of Christ, extraordinary ministers then take their places and begin distributing the Body and Blood to the faithful.

When ministering the sacrament, extraordinary ministers must say, “The Body of Christ” when presenting the sacred bread, and “The Blood of Christ” when presenting the sacred wine. No other words are to be said by the extraordinary minister. The recipient must say, "Amen." If this is not said, the extraordinary minister should do so.

If necessary, extraordinary ministers may also bring Holy Communion to the sick and home-bound. In these cases, they celebrate a special formulation of prayers and biblical readings along with the distribution of the sacrament. This is outlined in a special Catholic book called Communion of the Sick.

If you would like to be an extraordinary minister, please contact the Mary Mother of God Church office.


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